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Poole Quay
Poole has the second largest natural harbour in the world, with a coastline that measures over 160km if all its indentations are taken into account. Its largest island is Brownsea, which is accessible by boat from Poole Quay. This picture is taken from the old lifeboat station.
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Poole High Street
This busy thoroughfare is a pedestrian precinct with a wide range of shops, pubs and restaurants. The top end of the High Street leads to the Dolphin Centre, where most of the major stores are represented.
The Fisheries Office
Poole is an important fishing port, and excellent seafood can be found in local pubs and restaurants. Fresh fish is sold directly from fishing boats on the Quay on Sunday mornings.

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The Customs House
Dating from 1813, this elegant building on the Quay has a new life as a stylish bistro.
St James's Church
Built in 1820, the church is big and smart inside.
The area surrounding the churchyard contains some particularly fine buildings, which are mainly Georgian.
All of the photographs of this delightful location are taken just a few hundred metres from the High Street.

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