Minutes of Dorset Twinning Association

meeting 7th December at 7pm at

Westport House,Wareham

Present: John Wilson, John Pounder, Tony Watts, Philip Sharp, Jeremy Read, Terry Piper, Jacquie Hall

1. Welcome and Apologies: David Warhurst, Myrna Gomes Maria

2. Minutes of 7th September meeting were agreed

3. No matters arising

4. Matters Arising from AGM (10th October 2011):

Item 8 – the Constitution must be changed to reflect the auditing arrangements.

Also the Constitution needs amendment to resolve an apparent conflict between sections 5 and 7 relating to the required notice required for amendments.

A date and venue for the next AGM remains to be fixed.

Brochure – we need to pursue this matter and produce one to be available to download from the website. Item on next meeting’s agenda.


5. Finance:

9 membership subscriptions have been received.

Reserve account = £518.91, current account = £1431.02.

Philip Sharp put in an up-to-date statement for hours worked on the website, and he was paid immediately.

TP to write to thank the auditors.

Lyme Regis is now a member.


6. Website:

PS is posting items to the website as they come in. There is a need to tidy up, and delete outdated items.

The insurance link does not work at the moment, and PS asked TP to send an electronic version of the one from January 2012, but he is not sure that is possible.

He will send out paper copies to all members and to PS. The name of the broker is R J King of Weymouth for Aviva Insurance.

About half of the 30 no. French email addresses set up by PS have been acknowledged.

JP said there were 41 twinnings in total. There was discussion around whether we should continue to ‘push’. Perhaps we should be proactive, and send the DTA email addresses and instructions to those who we think they are.

JH was asked to send PS the up-to-date email address list electronically.

Members should be encouraged to become a friend to the DTA Group on Facebook and the Google calendar needs to be used by members.

PS suggested he put video clips of training for various items, which was agreed as a very good idea.

He also may use You Tube as a link.


7. Future activities Dorset/ La Manche:

a) John Wilson said there was not much on the school front.

Karen Parnell has taken over from Ruth Parker, as the French school contact. JW has been in touch with her, but has had no feedback since mid November.

b) Olympics- There are limited number of tickets for Nothe Fort. The French are coming by sea, maybe on La Marite. TJW will check if they have booked their berth

c) TW stated that the Fire Service cadets from France and Germany will come in July. The Youth In Action funding programme needs to be started in England. The Germans have said if there are no funds from Brussels they will pay for themselves.

d) “Titanic“ weekend: BSO are replicating the Titanic orchestra. There are about 100 performers going over on 14th/15th April (100 years to the day it sank)

Southampton concert is 22nd March 2012.

Applications for the free concert  tickets need to be mad through Poole Twinning who have reserved 75.

e) Video Conferencing- DCC has less control over some of the schools now as three Dorset schools have become Academies: Highcliffe, Twyneham, Thomas Hardye. The only free school will be in Swanage.

f) TW has written to all Poole schools about French teaching and visits, and has received a positive 9 out of 20. Jo Croakham is the advisor to schools.


8.Proposed symposium/conference in Dorchester:

Sherborne has offered to provide advice on funding. Also we need help on gaining youth members in twinning (i.e. parents of schoolchildren)

Dates suggested were 17th or 24th March 2012, from 10.30am to lunchtime with a buffet.

JW to check with County Hall, and JP to check with the Douzelage (Sherborne)


9. “Your Dorset” article.

JP needs to know suggested length of article and the deadline, and maybe someone can provide a suitable photo

It was suggested that reference to the past be reduced and more emphasis on the future.


AOB: Terry Piper announced he would resign on 31st March 2012 as Treasurer.


10. Next meeting to be at Westport House  on 11th January at 7pm


Post Meeting Note: The date of 24th March is confirmed with the Douzelage (Jeremy Barker) for the Conference