Minutes of Dorset Twinning Association meeting 11th January 2012 at 7pm at

Westport House, Wareham

Present: John Pounder, Tony Watts, Jeremy Read, Terry Piper, Jacquie Hall, David Warhurst, Myrna Gomes Maria, Anthony Thorpe

1. Welcome to Myrna as new Committee member, and to Anthony as an interested DTA member from Dorchester/Bayeux.

 Apologies from Philip Sharp, John Wilson

2. Minutes of 7th December meeting were agreed

3. Matters arising not on the agenda: Tony still has to find out about all the rumours about whether the Barfleur will be sailing out of Poole. So far the Fastcraft will be sailing from 19th May to Cherbourg. Tony handed out the latest timetable. There is still the possibility of the 10% discount as a concession to twinners (it is the same as members of Club Voyage can provide for their friends”-the actual discounts for members of Club Voyage are up to 30%.). The email address for the concessionary fares is nikki.dilawershah@brittanyferries.com

4. Finance: Treasurer’s Report

JP thanked TP for all the work he has done for the Association, and he will be the first of the original group to leave the Committee. We need to co-opt a Treasurer. (Jeremy said Philip may be available to serve)

Reserve account = £518.91, current account = £889.05. Low because insurance has been paid for, but still societies/Associations are due to pay: Outstanding are Bridport, Poole, Verwood&Three Legged Cross, Lyme Regis, and Thornford.

The Correspondence address on insurance needs changing.


5. Website:

The insurance link now works on the website. Paper copies are sent to all members when they have paid.

JH is waiting for updated email addresses from TP, and will forward soon to PS

PS has put video tutorial on how to use the Google calendar on the website

MGM sent documents from Publisher  to PS which he could not open. She was advised to send pdfs.


6. DTA Brochure: Postponed until next meeting


7. Future activities Dorset/ La Manche:


a) Karen Parnell has £2000 grant to use for a French teacher exchange. Some school links have failed, some continue. This will be the last year of funding.

The DTA offers help and support, and this will be discussed at the March Conference.


b) Olympics-.JP will check if La Marite have booked their berth


c) TW stated that the Fire Service cadets from France and Germany will still come in July. There is no sponsorship. Germans will still come and pay for themselves. TW has not heard from the French. The committee was sympathetic to helping  with sponsorship if required

d) “Titanic“weekend: There are about 100 performers going over on 14th/15th April (100 years to the day it sank) Applications for the free concert  tickets need to be made through Poole Twinning who have reserved 75. Free admission had been agreed for participants to the Cité de la Mer for the Titanic exhibition

The Southampton concert is 22nd March 2012 at Central Hall – tickets to be paid for.


8.Proposed symposium/conference in Dorchester:

Date is 24th March 2012, from 10.00am with a coffee to lunchtime with a buffet around 1pm till 2pm. It was agreed that the DTA would pay for the buffet, and so free to members attending.

Sherborne has offered to provide advice on funding. Also we need help on gaining youth members in twinning (i.e. parents of schoolchildren).

We will ask Karen Parnell or Jo Croakham if they could give a short talk.

PS could give a short presentation on how to use the website

JH to send out invitations on email with a letter attached.


9. “Your Dorset” article.

JP sent out Draft 3, which MGM very kindly shortened prior to the meeting. Also JR offered some suggestions.


10. Next meeting to be at Westport House on 6th March 2012 at 7pm


Post meeting note: PS has agreed to take over as Treasurer for as long as required