Corfe Castle Twinning Association




Visit to Pont Hebert
7th September 2007

New members are always welcome ~ Members ask your neighbours and friends

The Twinning Association has existed for twelve years with the aim of fostering friendship with the people of Pont Hebert in Normandy. Visits usually take place in September on an alternate yearly basis when we play host in Corfe or are guests in France for a long weekend. You donít have to able to speak French and they donít have to speak English. Friendship has a language all of its own.

So call Gillian Humphries (Chairman) on 01929 480219

*Please replace the asterisk in any email address with one of these @
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Richard Piercy (President) Tel. (01929) 480523
Gillian Humphries (Chairman) Tel. (01929) 480219
e-mail: humphs*
Mike Perry (Vice-Chairman) Tel. (01929) 480206
Nigel Humphries (Secretary) Tel. (01929) 480219
Michael Brett (Treasurer) Tel. (01929) 480256
Jenny Wilson (Committee Member) Tel. (01929) 481271

Barry Wilson (Committee Member) Tel. (01929) 481271

Terry Lucas (Committee Member) Tel. (01929) 480865
Cathy Brett (Committee Member) Tel. (01929) 480256
Alison Wason (Committee Member) Tel. (01929) 426553
Peter Knowles (Committee Member) Tel. (01929) 480698
Ruth Milward (Committee Member) Tel. (01929) 423693


Visit to Pont Hebert
7th September 2007