Cross Channel Challenge

Dfi Trans-Manche


Organised by the Twin Towns of Poole and Cherbourg – Octeville




Cross Channel Challenge

Dfi Trans-Manche




Cherbourg-Octeville Twinning and Poole-Cherbourg Twinning Association have developed an opportunity for sports exchanges. This project aims at enabling groups and Clubs from Poole and Cherbourg-Octeville to take part in the Cross Channel Challenge. The sporting events would take place in Cherbourg-Octeville and Poole and would be monitored for each of the years.

This would also enable participants to experience the differing culture and training facilities.


The objectives would be that clubs and individuals will establish strong relationships and lasting links initiated by this programme.


It would also encourage twinning sports exchanges as there would be a motive to participate in order to count towards the Challenge.




The results from twinning sporting events that take place over a one year period will be recorded. This period would run from the 1 May until 30 April each year.


The results would be converted into a points system based on positions, a total of 100 points awarded for each qualifying event.*


The points for all the sports events within the year would be tabulated. At the end of the year period the Twin Town with the most points would be awarded the Cross channel Challenge/ Dfi Trans-Manche Trophy to be held for one year. The presentation event which could be attended by representatives of those sports that have taken part would be held after May, alternately hosted by Poole and Cherbourg- Octeville.


The events would be initially based on those Clubs, Associations and Organisations that already have strong links plus any other links that are made as a result of this programme. The events need not to be necessary the same for each year and events can be added or reduced depending on circumstances.


As new sports participate their points would be added to the overall total.





Clubs are requested to inform the Secretary of Poole Cherbourg Twinning Association - Gina Wilcox and David Warhurst Sports co-ordinator for Poole Twinning Association, of any forthcoming events and the results of such events so that they can be awarded the points and therefore count towards the Trophy.


Contact details:       Gina Wilcox


David Warhurst, Tel: 01202 696295, david.warhurst*




It is envisaged that the sports that could take part in this programme could be as detailed below:



Poole: Poole Canoe Club                     Cherbourg-Octeville:



Poole: Poole Wheelers CC                   Cherbourg-Octeville:



Poole: Flight Refuelling PC                   Cherbourg-Octeville: Cherbourg Petanque



Poole: Poole Rowing Club                    Cherbourg-Octeville



Poole Rugby Club                                Cherbourg-Octeville



Poole: Poole Runners and Poole AC   Cherbourg-Octeville



Poole: Poole Yacht Club                      Cherbourg-Octeville



Poole: Poole Swimming Club                Cherbourg-Octeville: Octeville Nation



Poole: East Dorset Tennis Club                        Cherbourg-Octeville



Other sports such as Archery, Boxing, Fencing, Football, Table tennis Judo Volleyball could be considered.


* Example of points would be:

      Football                     Result 3-1                          75 - 25 points

                                       Result any draw                 50 – 50 points

      Petanque                  Result 15 -10 games          60 – 40 points


Cross Channel Trophy - 2011

Poole/ Cherbourg-Octeville

Sports Challenge


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LEAD Technologies Inc. V1.01

President of Cherbourg-Octeville Twinning with Trophy Designer

Presentation to Cherbourg – Octeville June 2011